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This Web Ring is dedicated to giving at home mom's a resource center for products and services moms need and appreciate for successful living. You will also enjoy networking with other moms with similar interests.

You are not required to be an at home mom in order to join our ring. However, your site should have content of interest to at home moms or products, resources, etc. that are beneficial to them. If you  would like to join our Web Ring , please follow the instructions below to submit your site  for  consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: Sites with adult content, foul language, hate, or bigotry will NOT be included in the ring. In addition, we require that, if the site is not English, you have an English translation.   

To apply for the At Home Mom's Resources Web Ring, please  follow the steps below:

1.  Click on

APPLY to be taken to the Web Ring sign up form.

2. Next,

Fill in the web form to submit your site for consideration. You will be asked for the following information for your site:

  • Title of your site as it will be listed in the Web Ring
  • Description (250 characters max.)
  • Keywords (optional; 150 characters max.)
  • Your site's entry URL or homepage
  • Your page with web-ring code (box)
  • Create a Site ID (letters and/or digits)
  • Create a Password
  • Name of your site's webmaster
  • E-mail address of the site's webmaster

An e-mail will be sent automatically to the Web Ring Owner notifying her that you have submitted your site to the Web Ring queue.  

3.  Once you have submitted your site, you will receive an email instructing you to add an "HTML fragment" to your site, which will position the web ring code. (See example below.) Your site cannot be added to the web ring without the correct HTML fragment.

4.  After you have the HTML fragment and graphics on your page, email me so it can be viewed prior to adding you to the ring. Again, please note that your site cannot be reviewed until you contact the Web Ring owner and notify her that it is in place.

It's that easy!  We look forward to visiting your site and adding you to the At Home Mom's Resources Web Ring!


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  • Member sites in the ring are subject to periodic review.   

  • Sites not meeting the guidelines will be removed from the ring!

  • If you move your Web Ring code from its original location, please remember to UPDATE YOUR PROFILE to include the correct URL!    

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