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How You Can Dine On a Dime
Dine On A Dime
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Save $10,000 a year on food. Dining On A Dime is designed for the beginner as well as the more experienced cook. It explains how to eat well while slashing your grocery bill. The recipes are easy to cook with ingredients readily found at your local grocery store. With hard-to-find frugal recipes like buttermilk, enchilada sauce and granola bars, classic favorites like slow cooked roast, hush puppies and apple crisp and old-fashioned comfort foods like watermelon pickles, lemon bars, rice pudding and fried green tomatoes, Dining On A Dime has it all. To make shopping easy and economical, as well as a pantry list and a shopping list.

  • Did you know that dirty dishes cause debt? See page 385 and read how to save money just by doing the dishes.

  • Need fast snack ideas for hungry kids? Check out page 28.

  • Want to clean your bathroom in a flash? Check out page 398 for a 7-step plan.

  • Got leftovers in the fridge? Use them up!!! Dining on a Dime has a complete index of recipes using nothing but leftovers.

  • Drive right by the pricey gift basket boutique, go home and make your own for pennies. Check out page 339 for ideas.

  • Need to cut down on meat? Dinning on A Dime has pages of tips for eating better and spending less.

  • Need a specific money saving idea? Dining on a Dime has a special index just for tips.

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    Save Big Recipes For RV Owners

    Join the Good Sam Club

    RV Ready for Spring Yet?
    Author - Ken Freund
    Brought to you by Good Sam Club RV Road Service

    RV Ready for Spring Yet?
    Coming out of hibernation

    It's been a long winter and the combined effects of the elements can take a toll on stored RVs. If your coach has been in storage, now's the time to prepare for those spring getaways. Taking a little time now will help ensure enjoyment all through the year.

    Before hitting the road complete this RV spring-prep checklist: Begin with a thorough exterior inspection. Examine the outside, including the body and roof, for any cracks or separation and look inside for stains on the ceiling, sure signs of roof leaks. Look beneath the coach and/or or tow vehicle for signs of fuel or other fluid leaks.

    Once you've determined there are no exterior leaks, wash the RV with a specially formulated soap designed for the exterior. Work in the shade, since washing a hot surface can result in hard-to-remove spots and streaks. Use specialized wheel cleaners to make tires and trim look new.

    An RV that's been stored all winter needs to be aired out. Vacuum the carpet and clean the floors and other surfaces as needed.

    Spring prep should include a fluid and connections check. Look for insect and rodent nests and chewed wires and hoses. Check the amount of LP gas and test appliances for proper functioning.

    Drain and flush the freshwater tank. Add 1/4 cup of household bleach for each 15 gallons of capacity. Then fill the tank almost to capacity, leaving room for sloshing. Drive or tow the coach to mix the bleach. Run the hot water to get the bleach through the water heater. Then drain the freshwater tank. Refill, along with 1/4 of baking soda per 15 gallons. Drive or tow to mix the water, run the hot water, then drain and refill with fresh water. Test the water pump and water system, including the water heater.

    On motor homes, generators and tow vehicles, change the oil and filter and perform all recommended services according to the owner's and maintenance manuals.

    Batteries should be check for electrolyte level and connections should be removed, cleaned and after re-assembly, treated with an anticorrosive product.

    Make sure all of the lug nuts are secure, check tires for cracks and other damage and set inflation pressures. Trailers should have the wheel bearings repacked.

    Replace batteries and test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Check the gauges on fire extinguishers. Check and refill your first aid and emergency kits. An emergency kit should include: flares, a gas can, reflective triangles, duct tape, jumper cables, wheel chocks, flashlight and basic hand tools.

    Stock up with necessities for cooking, cleaning and entertaining. Review kitchen equipment and the inventory of favorite games, books, cards, puzzles, CDs, DVDs or videos.

    To have peace of mind when you hit the road, get Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service


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    Save Big Recipes for Baby Shower Success

    A baby shower is an opportunity to pamper an exhausted mother-to-be. If planned well, it will distract her from third trimester discomforts and even possibly allay some of her pre-labor jitters.

    All the parents' closest friends and relatives will attend this
    party - and all their eyes will be on you: the hostess! You
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    Save Big Prescription Drugs
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    Free PDF Software
    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the following
    free booklets. If you don't already have it click on the link above to get the reader free.


    Find Local Contractors

    Free Money Saving Booklets:

    Save Money On Home Energy

    Most families spend more than necessary on home energy
    costs. This is primarily due to wasted energy.


    1. You can save as much hundreds of dollars a year on your
    electricity. First, make certain that any new appliances you
    purchase, especially air conditioners and furnaces, are energy- efficient. Information on the energy efficiency of most major appliances can be found on Energy Guide Labels required by federal law.

    2. Next, enrolling in load management programs and off-hour rate programs offered by your electric utility may save you up to $100 a year in electricity costs. Call your electric utility for information about these cost-saving programs

    Home Heating
    A home energy audit can identify ways to save up to hundreds of dollars a year on home heating (and air conditioning). Ask your electric or gas utility if they can do this audit for free or for a reasonable charge. If they cannot, ask them to refer you to a qualified professional.
    For more tips and ideas to save money download the free booklet Home Energy Saving Plan

    Home Energy Saving Plan

    Save Big on Home Appliance Repair
    Home Appliances and Kitchen Aids Home-appliance repair,
    money saving self-help advice for kitchen-appliances,
    washing-machines, dishwashers, cookers, ovens,
    refrigerators. How to check and troubleshoot before
    calling the serviceman.

    Save Money On Your Car

    Car Rental Savings

    1. Since car rental rates can vary greatly, shop around for the best basic rates. Ask about any additional (extra driver, gas, drop-off fees) and special offers.

    2. Rental car companies offer various insurance and waiver
    options. Check with your automobile insurance agent and
    credit card company in advance to avoid duplicating any
    coverage you may already have.

    New Car Savings

    1. You can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a car by selecting a model that combines a low purchase price with low financing, insurance, gasoline, maintenance, and repair costs. Ask your local librarian for new car guides that contain this information.

    2. Having selected a model, you can save hundreds of dollars by comparison shopping. Call at least five dealers for price quotes and let each know that you are calling others.

    3. Remember there is no "cooling off" period on new car sales.Once you have signed a contract, you are obligated
    to buy the car.

    Used Car Savings

    1. Before buying any used car:

    Look and feel betterCompare the seller's asking price with the average retail
    price in a "bluebook" or other guide to car prices found at
    many libraries, banks, and credit unions.

    Look and feel better Have a mechanic you trust check the car, especially if the
    car is sold "as is."

    2. Consider purchasing a used car from an individual you know and trust. They are more likely than other sellers to charge a lower price and point out any problems
    with the car.

    Car Repair Savings

    Consumers lose billions of dollars each year on unneeded or
    poorly done car repairs. The most important step that you
    can take to save money on these repairs is to find a skilled,
    honest mechanic. Before you need repairs, look for a mechanic

    A. is certified and well established;

    B. has done good work for someone you know.

    C. communicates well about repair options and costs.

    Save Big Recipes with Car Buyers Dream

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    Thirty Gas Saving Tips
    The surest way you can improve your fuel cost problem is to change your motoring habits. Listed below under four categories are 30 effective methods of doing so... no need to buy expensive add-on equipment.


    1. Avoid prolonged warming up of engine, even on cold mornings - 30 to 45 seconds is plenty of time.

    2. Be sure the automatic choke is disengaged after engine warm up... chokes often get stuck, resulting in bad gas/air mixture.

    3. Don't start and stop engine needlessly. Idling your engine for one minute consumes the gas amount equivalent to when you start the engine.

    4. Avoid "revving" the engine, especially just before you switch the engine off; this wastes fuel needlessly and washes oil down from the inside cylinder walls, owing to loss of oil pressure.

    5. Eliminate jack-rabbit starts. Accelerate slowly when
    starting from dead stop. Don't push pedal down more than
    1/4 of the total foot travel. This allows carburetor to function at peak efficiency.


    6. Buy gasoline during coolest time of day - early morning or late evening is best. During these times gasoline is densest. Keep in mind - gas pumps measure volumes of gasoline, not densities of fuel concentration. You are charged according to "volume of measurement".

    7. Choose type and brand of gasoline carefully. Certain brands provide you with greater economy because of better quality. Use the brands which "seem" most beneficial.

    8. Avoid filling gas tank to top. Overfilling results in
    sloshing over and out of tank. Never fill gas tank past the
    first "click" of fuel nozzle, if nozzle is automatic.


    9. Exceeding 40 mph forces your auto to overcome tremendous wind resistance.

    10. Never exceed legal speed limit. Primarily they are set
    for your traveling safety, however better gas efficiency also
    occurs. Traveling at 55 mph give you up to 21% better mileage when compared to former legal speed limits of 65 mph and 70 mph.

    11. Traveling at fast rates in low gears can consume up to
    45% more fuel than is needed.

    12. Manual shift driven cars allow you to change to highest gear as soon as possible, thereby letting you save gas if you "nurse it along". However, if you cause the engine to "bog down", premature wearing of engine parts occurs.

    13. Keep windows closed when traveling at highway speeds. Open windows cause air drag, reducing your mileage by 10%.

    14. Drive steadily. Slowing down or speeding up wastes fuel. Also avoid tailgating - the driver in front of you is
    unpredictable. Not only is it unsafe, but if affects your
    economy, if he slows down unexpectedly.

    15.Think ahead when approaching hills. If you accelerate, do it before you reach the hill, not while you're on it.


    16. Do not rest left foot on floor board pedals while driving.
    The slightest pressure puts "mechanical drag" on components, wearing them down prematurely. This "dragging" also demands additional fuel usage.

    17. Avoid rough roads whenever possible, because dirt or gravel rob you of up to 30% of your gas mileage.

    18. Use alternate roads when safer, shorter, straighter. Compare traveling distance differences - remember that corners, curves and lane jumping requires extra gas. The shortest distance between two points is always straight.

    19. Stoplights are usually timed for your motoring advantage. By traveling steadily at the legal speed limit you boost your chances of having the "green light" all the way.

    20. Automatic transmissions should be allowed to cool down when your car is idling at a standstill, e.g. railroad crossings, long traffic lights, etc. Place gear into neutral position. This reduces transmission strain and allows transmission to cool.

    21. Park car so that you can later begin to travel in forward
    gear; avoid reverse gear maneuvers to save gas.

    22. Regular tune-ups ensure best economy; check owner's manual for recommended maintenance intervals. Special attention should be given to maintaining clean air filters... diminished air flow increases gas waste.

    23. Inspect suspension and chassis parts for occasional
    misalignment. Bent wheels, axles, bad shocks, broken
    springs, etc. create engine drag and are unsafe at high
    traveling speeds.

    24. Remove snow tires during good weather seasons; traveling on deep tire tread really robs fuel!

    25. Inflate all tires to maximum limit. Each tire should be
    periodically spun, balanced and checked for out-of-round.
    When shopping for new tires, get large diameter tires for rear wheels. Radial designs are the recognized fuel-savers; check manufacturer's specifications for maximum tire pressures.

    26. Remove vinyl tops - they cause air drag. Rough surfaces
    disturb otherwise smooth air flow around a car's body. Bear in mind when buying new cars that a fancy sun roof helps disturb smooth air flow (and mileage).

    27. Auto air conditioners can reduce fuel economy by 10% to 20%. Heater fan, power windows and seats increase engine load; the more load on your engine, the less miles per gallon.

    28. Remove excess weight from trunk or inside of car - extra
    tires, back seats, unnecessary heavy parts. Extra weight reduces mileage, especially when driving up inclines.

    29. Car pools reduce travel monotony and gas expense - all
    riders chip in to help you buy. Conversation helps to keep the driver alert. Pooling also reduces traffic congestion, gives the driver easier maneuverability and greater "steady speed" economy. For best results, distribute passenger weight evenly throughout car.

    30. During cold weather watch for icicles frozen to car frame. Up to 100 lbs. can be quickly accumulated! Unremoved snow and ice cause tremendous wind resistance. Warm water thrown on (or hosed on) will eliminate it fast.


    Install pressure regulator valve (sold in auto parts stores)... Use graphite motor oil... Beware of oil additives, regardless of advertising claims... Add Marvel Mystery Oil into gas
    fill-ups... Investigate fuel/water injection methods and products... combine short errands into one trip... Use special gas additives to prevent winter freezing of gas lines... convert your V8 engine over to a V4 - no special kits needed!!!

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