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Here are some images of our specialty products and finely manicured lawns.

Fruit Salad Tree

Imagine Having Your Own Fruit Salad Tree

Now! Get 5 Different Fruits On One Single Tree! Smothers Itself With Bushels Of Fruit
All Summer Long

Look! Just One Days Picking! And It keeps on producing by the bushel-basketful all summer long!  We plant strong, fully established, thickly-rooted 3-4 ft. trees on your property.        

Imagine! Bushel-basket after bushel-basket of: "Sugar-Sweet, Big-as-Apples Red Plums" Tangy, Meat-Packed Nectarines " Luscious, fist Size Peaches " Super-Size Golden Apricots - Plump, "3-to-a-Pound" Giant Purple Plums.

Amazing Strawberry Tree

Now! Enjoy Flowers Galore And
    Luscious Fruit, Growing On A Tree!

A garden wonder seen in the most famous botanical gardens now available to home gardeners! Blooms By The Thousands, Juicy Fruits By The Basketful Year After Year! If you love the spectacular beauty of flowering dogwoods, bursting with masses of glorious white blooms...followed by an outpouring of sugar sweet fruit, (ready to be topped with mounds of whipped cream)...then this is the tree for you! We plant strong, fully established, thickly-rooted 3-4 ft. trees on your property

Starting each spring, the entire tree smothers itself with such an avalanche of flowers, the branches bow down from the sheer weight of the blooms. Then, to cap the climax of blooms, a non-stop parade of delicious strawberry-like fruit drapes itself in a glorious pink robe around the entire tree!



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