Home Business Recipes

Home Business Recipes

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We have compiled a growing list of home business recipes with something for everyone! You can stay at home with your children and also bring in extra income with your own home business.


Home Business Recipes are the answer to today's uncertain economy and fluctuating job market. They will also allow busy moms the opportunity to
stay at home with their children. 


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Making Money with a Newcomers Welcome Service
By Liz Folger, Founder of bizymoms

There is one business that I know for a fact won’t go out of style or not be needed in the coming years if only for the simple fact that people are always on the move. In the last 10 years I’ve moved far more times than I would ever want to admit. Each time I found myself in a new town, I was lost. I had no idea where anything was, where the hangouts were, or what businesses were in the area. I’d always slowly find these things out, but it took time.

How nice it would have been to sign-up for a free service where someone would come to my house, tell me about the new community I had just moved into, and give me a packet of goodies that included coupons, gift certificates, maps etc. That would have saved me a lot of time, and given me a good overview of what to expect in my new town.

Owning your own newcomers welcoming service can be very rewarding. Not only will you be able to make a newcomer feel welcomed and informed, but you can also help local businesses by acquainting them with their future customers. It’s a big win-win situation for you. Perfect if you like making everyone happy.

To run a welcome business you simply talk with local businesses in your area. You explain to them that you will give newcomers who just moved to the community a welcome packet, and you ask if they would like to be included. They might want to give you a special coupon or a gift certificate to include in your welcome packets.

You then decide how you want to have these flyers and coupons printed. You can decide to do it yourself, work with your local printer, or make copies at a local copy shop. Finding these newcomers isn’t too hard either. You can hook-up with realtors and local county records to find potential clients. And, thanks to Bizymoms Business Kits, it is now a whole lot easier to find potential new comers.

Bizymoms has created a Welcome Service Business Kit that includes everything you need to get this type of business started and running successfully. The kit starts with a workbook specifically for starting a welcome service business. Also included is a marketing ebook, a basic workbook for general business start-up, and 6 months of support. And, if that isn’t enough, you also receive a beautiful lifetime website that has a total of 5 pages. The website is yours forever, and once you pay for the kit, you won’t have to pay anything else for the site…ever.

What’s so incredible about this webpage is the fact that you will become an associate on the website  which will be promoted throughout the country. Bizymoms will also help you to find newcomers. Potential customers can visit the site, look for an associate in their area, and ask that a packet be delivered to them. It’s that easy. If you want to learn more about this wonderful opportunity visit: Bizymoms!

How To Start A Candy Wrapping Business

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Combine that with all the emails I get from moms who want to find a business where they are able to make money with their home computer and boy, have I got an idea for you! Chocolate + your computer = your new home business!

If you haven’t heard about the business of candy wrapping then let me give you a quick explanation. This is where you take a candy bar and you design and print your own wrapper to put over the candy bar’s original wrapper. Now you might be wondering why would someone want to do this? Well these favors make wonderful birthday and wedding favors. They are great for special events and get-togethers like family reunions and retirement parties, and can be used in fundraising events.

And it isn’t just chocolate bars that candy wrappers are finding to wrap. They’re also wrapping lifesavers, gum, tic-tac's, mint, and even popcorn bags. Some wrappers are even wrapping non-food items like bubbles and matchbooks.

More Ideas Of People and Groups Who Might Want Your Service:

· Bridal shops
· Wedding planners
· Event planners
· Baby shops
· Obstetrician offices
· Florists
· Gift shops
· Specialty toy stores
· Trade shows
· Professional fundraising groups (try the school your kids go to)

Skills Needed:

The skills you will need for this business might be something you already posses. But it helps to be creative and have some knowledge of graphics software. However, there are lots of programs and free ready-made wrappers available on the Internet. Customer service skills are important too. You’ll need to market your business and there are so many great ways to get your business name out there. A chocolate bar with your business card wrapped around it would be a great way to get people’s attention.


Equipment that you might already have is a computer, color printer, some type of graphics software, paper for your wrappers, and in some cases you might need candy bars (sometimes clients will provide the candy bars and you just need to sell them the wrappers). When just starting out, scissors work great for cutting your wrappers, but as your business grows you’ll want to look into a nice paper cutter. You’ll also need something to stick your wrappers together. Glue sticks or tape works great. Make sure whatever you choose is acid free and photo safe.

Once you’re business gets rolling a little more, you might want to invest in a scanner and/or Digital camera if you don’t already have one. These are useful if you want to add personal photos to your wrapper designs.

When looking for paper, candy bars, ink etc. Try to buy in bulk. You’ll usually get a better deal and be able to keep more of your profits if you shop wisely.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Become A Virtual Assistant This Year

First of all, what is a virtual assistant (VA)? I like to explain it as a word processor gone wild. A VA is someone who works with clients, providing them with top quality support services without having to be physically present at a clients office. VA services are becoming more and more popular thanks to today’s technology such as email, the Internet, online instant messaging, fax, phone, and overnight delivery. Gone are the days of offices needing their support staff in the same building.

If you have a secretarial background or other support staff expertise and a love for computers and all the technology it offers, then here are ten very good reasons why you should start your own VA business this year.

1. Make An Income You Can Live On

It was reported by virtual assistant trade organizations that the average full-time VA working in the US would gross about $39,452 annually. Now that isn’t a bad income!

That is the type of money you can live on, even if you are a single mom.

2. The Need For VA’s Is Only Going To Get Greater

According to the George Washington University forecast of emerging technology, Virtual Assisting will become a $130 Billion Industry by 2008. Thanks to our growing technology, and the fact that it’s easier to just source out work to a VA due to the fact that a business doesn’t have to pay for any benefits when they out-source, this type of service will only get bigger and more in demand.

3. Are you feeling unfulfilled, unchallenged, and unmotivated?  Is your current corporate job beginning to feel like a real drag?

Are you dreading getting dressed up, driving your commute to work, and working with a boss who is ungrateful and unappreciative? Do you love some parts of your job and despise other parts and wish you could do the parts you love more? Then becoming a VA might be something you need to look into.

4. Want to continue your professional working life without having to leave home?

Want the flexibility to work from home and have a better balance between work and life?

Maybe you’re thinking of having kids, or have had your first baby. You so want to continue your career, but you also want to spend more time with your children. Take a good hard look at the world of a VA. This type of home business will continue to give you the satisfaction of a career, while also offering you the ability to be there for your kids doctor appointments, their first step, school field trips, and running them around to after school events.

5. Gain the ability to work with people you want to work with.

Do you tend to click with certain types of people more than others? With a VA business, you can decide who you want your clients to be. Authors, salespeople, consultants, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners are just a few of the types of people you could work with.

6. The ability to do more than just one thing.

Looking for a little variety in your business? Don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again? Here is a list of just some of the things you can do as a VA.

  • Administration
  • Writing services (technical or creative)
  • Business/employee communications
  • Proofreading and editing, research (online or traditional)
  • Word-processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data entry
  • Database management
  • Message management
  • Scheduling
  • Bill paying
  • Simple website design
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Bulk mailing
  • Reminder services
  • Event planning
  • Special projects
  • Concierge services
  • Secretarial services
  • Research
  • Data processing/data management
  • Desktop publishing
  • Transcription services
  • Mail and email services
  • Telephone/fax services
  • Internet services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Purchasing services
  • Writing/editing services
  • Marketing services
  • Personal services
  • Santa letters
  • Proposal Writer

7. The ability to Niche yourself.

Choose just a few of the ideas above and take it one step further. Niche yourself. You might already possess knowledge in a certain area. You can contact those businesses you are already familiar with and work with them. Maybe in the past you had worked as support staff for a marketing company. If marketing is your thing, you can let businesses know that you can not only be their VA and take care of all their typing and database applications, but that you can also use your expertise to help them market their business.

8. Use the equipment you already have.

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance you already have a computer, a printer, and fax capabilities. Why not start putting that equipment to good use and make some money?

9. The choice between working full-time or part-time.

Maybe you don’t want to work full time, but you need to do something to call your own. That’s great! You’ll be your own boss; you can decide how much or how little you want to work.

10. Being able to say you love the way you make money.

If just the thought of working with your computer and current technology makes you giddy, why not make money doing something you love? Grab hold of the opportunity to make as much money as you’d like and the ability to work from your home.  You have the opportunity to decide who you want to work with, the type of work you want to do or not do, and your niche area. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you visit *** to learn more about starting your own Virtual Assistant Business.

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Here is a home business recipe for starting an online
Gift Basket Business that is easier than you think
. Never before has it been so easy to get a professional quality, custom Gift Baskets website for yourself.

Our online Gift Baskets website software allows anyone, regardless of their technical experience, to add your own
gift baskets, and edit your information on your website faster than you ever imagined. We have complete credit card processing packages available for your convenience.

Each package includes your own merchant account and payment gateway for a truly complete and seamless ecommerce solution. Choose from 5 distinct packages.

You get all the tools you need to add or edit all your gift baskets without having to know anything about the technical aspects of the web.

Our Gift baskets websites are designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible. Almost anything you want to do can
be accomplished in a multiple of ways to ensure that your site
is up to date. We backup our service with the most comprehensive client support & service available anywhere. If there is something you can't figure out how to do, just ask us for help and we'll be happy to show you and in many cases do it for you. We provide 24 hour email support to all our clients.
Home Business Recipe for starting an online Gift Basket Business.


How To Write A Winning Grant Application In One Evening!

Are you looking to start a home business? Do you have a great idea but lack the cash to get started? A business grant can be essential to lifting your venture off the ground. Learn

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Mystery Shoppers Wanted

Recently, I came across a unique opportunity ... in which people all over the country are quietly receiving merchandise and services for FREE!

Have you heard about mystery shoppers?  Do you know you can get some fabulous FREE perks as a mystery shopper?  Would
you like to know the detailed mechanics of becoming a mystery shopper?

A 500 MILLION Dollar Business ... And Growing  
In spite of being a 500 million dollar business, mystery shopping is still one of the  best kept secrets in the industry. 

Hundreds of concerned companies will gladly pay to have a responsible person shop in their stores (or use their services), in return for an unbiased evaluation of their business. And the best part about being a mystery shopper is you can "take or leave" assignments as you see fit!


It's Easy To Be A Mystery Shopper

All you have to do is register with the companies that hire and place mystery shoppers, then sit back and wait for your phone to ring with your assignments. 

And to make it even easier, You can find complete step-by-step details in an easy to follow eBook entitled, "How To Be A Mystery Shopper."




If You Want To Start Your Own Catering Business, You Will Love This Guide! Are you passionate about working with food? Do you live to help others? Now you can realize your dream by Starting Your Own Catering Business! The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit includes all of the necessary forms that are needed to operate a catering business including many financial forms, example business letters and a complete business plan. Home Business Recipe for starting your own catering business.


There's an exciting new "down-home" kind of business springing up among homeowners all across the country. It's called Bed and Breakfast.

Basically, this is a transplant of European Hospitality, adapted and refined to the American way of doing things. To foreign visitors, it's the comfort and hospitality of home - staying overnight "with people of the land" and enjoying a hearty breakfast - without the traditional gaudiness and plastic feelings visitors get from most big cities in the United States. To U.S. citizens, it is a welcome alternative to the same old hotel/motel circuit.

Now, all it takes is a spare bedroom, a good cook and an outgoing personality. Prices per night range from a low of $25 to $100 or more.

If you have an extra bedroom, a large home, or extra space in your farm house, you have the necessary beginnings to start making extra income as a Bed and Break fast Inn. One of the beautiful aspects of this idea is that so long as you're hosting "over night visitors" on a small scale, no licenses will be required. It's always best, however, to check with your local authorities just to be sure.

Naturally, your "visitors" will expect a clean, neat and comfortable home. So assuming that your home meets these prerequisites, and you have a spare bedroom, simply "doll it up" a bit. Make sure it's painted brightly, there's an outside window, lots of room, closet space and bureau, and perhaps a small writing desk, and a large comfortable bed, or twin beds.

Most foreign visitors will expect and appreciate a "quick tour" of the interesting sights in your area. However, as your particular popularity as a B & B Host grows, you'll find that a lot of American tourists and business people on the road will begin availing themselves of your hospitality. Certainly with these people, it won't always be necessary to give the "Red Carpet" visitors' treatment.

Which brings us to the basic appeal of a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Travelers seem to be looking for, and appreciate a quiet "home-style" place to stay. Generally, they enjoy visiting with the people off the superhighway and want to get away from the sterilized atmosphere and sameness of hotels and motels.

Most people will either write to you ahead of time, inquiring about the possibilities of staying at your home while in your town or city. This means a bit of advertising on your part, or listing your availability with a B & B broker. Some people will check the local telephone listings, and the newspaper advertisements when they arrive in a strange town. And some people will just be driving across the country, come to a town or city they think is interesting, and start driving through the residential areas looking for Bed and Breakfast Inns.

Thus, you should have a small sign posted either in your front yard or on the front of your house. This sign needn't be much more than about two feet wide by about ten inches deep. It need only state: BED AND BREAKFAST - Inquire Within or Call 123-4567.

For newspaper advertising, a similar listing in the personal column of your local paper, particularly on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, will be all you'll need. But when it comes to the yellow pages of your telephone and business directories, go with a small display ad that describes in greater detail the comforts and pleasures of your services.

Be sure to list your services with all the travel agencies in your area. A brochure or a short synopsis of what you offer will most assuredly give the travel agents an idea for steering visitors your way. At the same time, listing your services in a number of national travel magazines - particularly those that cater to women - will bring customers in for you.

Listing your services with a broker usually won't cost you anything up front, but they will expect a certain percentage - usually about 25% of the total bill. This same arrangement applies with travel agents.

Now, suppose you're organized and ready to receive your first customers. You greet them as host or hostess and offer to assist them in getting situated in the room or rooms you have for them. If they'd like to take a drive around your area and see the points of interest, you do that. And then in the morning, serve them a big, delicious breakfast.

You'll probably find that foreign visitors will want to stay several days. With most people of this country who are just traveling through your area, it'll be a one-night stopover. Whatever, if they want to sleep comfortably through the night, eat breakfast and be on their way, so be it. If they want to sit around after breakfast and plan an itinerary for a complete visit of your area, your assistance and help will be greatly appreciated. (Remember those recommendations)!

That's it! The complete how and why of this tremendously profitable business that's becoming more and more popular. It's called Bed & Breakfast, and it's very definitely a low investment idea. And you can parlay it into a very interesting and comfortable income producing business - all from the comforts of your own home!

Home Business Recipe For Starting a Bed &Breakfast

Start Your Own Cleaning Service On A Shoestring Budget

House and apartment cleaning services are gaining in popularity. These are business services that are growing in demand as a result of more and more women seeking jobs outside the home. Their need to supplement the family income creates the opportunity for you to set up a lucrative business.

Ten years ago, businesses of this kind were serving only the affluent - homes of the wealthy people where women didn't want to be bothered with the drudgery of house hold cleaning, and had the money to pay someone to do it for them. But times have changed, and today the market includes many middle income families in every residential area across the entire country. The potential market among apartment dwellers is great also. All in all this is a business that has grown fast, and has as much real wealth building potential as any we can think of.

This is a cleaning service generally associated with women; however, men are finding that they can organize, start, and operate very profitable home and apartment cleaning businesses just as well as women. It's an ideal business for any truly ambitious person wanting a business of his or her own, especially for those who must begin with limited funds. Actually, you can start this business right in your own neighborhood, using your own equipment, and begin making a profit from the first day.

Many enterprising homemakers are already doing this kind of work on a small scale as an extra income producing endeavor. There's a growing need for this service. Organizing your efforts into a business producing $50,000 to $100,00 a year is quite possible, and you can get started for $100 or so, always using your profits to expand and in crease your business.

Absolutely no experience is required. Everyone knows how to dust the furniture, vacuum carpets, make the beds and carry out the trash. But you must ask yourself if making a house clean and bright is important and uplifting work. If you look on it as degrading or as drudgery, don't involve yourself in this business.

Starting from scratch, you'll need a telephone and an appointment book. You also need an advertising flyer, such as the following:




We do the work - You relax and take it easy.
You get the best job in town, at rates you can
afford. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!
For more details, Call Sandy: 123-4567 - at
Sandy's Cleaning Services!

You can either type this notice out or write it in longhand with a pen. Either way, it's going to be your first advertising endeavor, and bring in that first customer for you.

It would be a good idea to visit your stationery store to pick up a pad of "fade out" graph paper, a couple of sets of transfer (rub-on) letters, a glue stick, and if they have one, a Clip Art book.

Take these materials home and clear off your kitchen table. Take a sheet of graph paper, and temporarily tape the corners down on the table. Then take a pencil and a ruler, and mark a rectangle five inches wide by six inches long along the lines of the graph paper. This will be the overall size of your flyer when it's finished.

Look for a Clip Art piece depicting a harried housewife engrossed with either cleaning tools or in the act of running a vacuum cleaner, or some other household chore. Cut this piece out, and with your glue stick paste it in the upper left-hand corner of your rectangle. Then take your transfer letters and make the headline: HOME OR APARTMENT CLEANING.

Next, type out the body of the message on ordinary white typing paper. Be sure to use a relatively new ribbon, preferably a black carbon ribbon, and upper case letters. Cut this strip out, and paste it onto the graph paper, centered just below your headline. Then use some transfer letters that are about twice as large as your typewriter type, and paste up the action part of your message: For details, call Sandy: 123-4567. Cut out a couple of border flourishes from your Clip Art book, paste them under your action line, and you're ready to take it to the printer. If you have a computer, there are many software programs that can be used to design your flyer. In addition, most of them also include clip art.


In essence, you have a professional advertising "billboard." You can check around in your area, especially with the advertising classes at your local colleges, but generally they'll do no better than you can do on your own, using the instructions we've just given you, and they'll charge you $50 to $100.

Once you have this advertising flyer completed, take it to a nearby quick print shop and have about 200 copies printed. You should be able to get two copies on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, and running 100 sheets of paper through the press is going to cost well under $10. For just a few cents more, have the printer cut them in half with his machine cutter, so you will have 200 copies of the advertising flyer.

Now take these flyers, along with a box of thumbtacks, and put them up on all the free bulletin boards you can find - grocery stores, Laundromats, beauty salons, office building lounges, cafeterias, post offices, and wherever else such announcements are allowed.


When a prospective customer calls, have your appointment book and a pencil handy. Be friendly and enthusiastic. Explain what you do - everything from changing the beds to vacuuming, dusting and polishing the furniture and cleaning the bathroom to the dishes and the laundry. Or, everything except the dishes and the laundry - whatever you have decided on as your policy.

When they ask how much you charge, simply tell them six to ten dollars an hour, but for a firm cost quote, you'll need to see the home and make a detailed estimate for them. Then without much of a pause, ask if 4:30 this afternoon would be convenient for them, or if 5:30 would be better. You must pointedly ask if you can come to make your cost proposal at a certain time, or the decision may be put off, and you may come up with a "no sale."

Just as soon as you have an agreement on the time to make you cost proposal and marked it in your appointment book, ask for name, address and telephone number.

Jot this information down on a 3 by 5 card, along with the date and the notation: Prospective Customer. Then you file this card in a permanent card file. Save these cards, because there are literally hundreds of ways to turn this prospect file into real cash, once you've accumulated a sizeable number of names, addresses and phone numbers.

When you go to see your prospect in person, always be on time. A couple of minutes early won't hurt you, but a few minutes late will definitely be detrimental to your closing the sale. Always be well groomed. Dress as a successful business owner. Be confident and sure of yourself; be knowledgeable about what you can do as well as understanding of the prospect's needs and wants. Do not smoke, even if invited by the prospect, and never accept a drink - even coffee - until after you have a signed contract in your briefcase.

Actually, once you've made the sale, the best thing is to shake hands with your new customer, thank him, and leave. A little small talk after the sale is appropriate, but becoming too friendly is not. You create an impression, and preserve it, by maintaining a business-like relation ship.

When you go to make your cost estimate, take along a ruled tablet such as those used by elementary school students, carbon paper, a calculator and your appointment book. Some people find it easier to work with a clipboard and ordinary blank paper with carbon. Later on, you may want to have general checklists printed up for each room in the house, with blank lines or space for special instructions.


Whatever you use, it's important to appear methodical, thorough and professional, while leading the prospect through the specifics he or she wants you to take care of: "Now, you want the carpet vacuumed and all the furniture dusted and those two end tables, the coffee table and the piano polished as well, I assume?"

Simply identify the specific room at the top of the sheet of paper, then lead your prospect through the cleaning steps of each room, covering everything in it. Your implications of putting everything in "ready for company" shape will cause the customer to forget about the cost, and hire you to do a complete job. Always have a carbon paper under each piece of paper you're writing on, and always look around each room one more time before leaving it; then ask the prospect if he or she can think of any special instructions you should note for that room.

Finally, when you've gone through each room in the house with the prospect, come back to the kitchen and sit down at the table. Take out your calculator and add up the time you estimate each job in each room will take to complete. Total the time for each room.

Be liberal, thinking that if you can do the carpet job in 15 minutes, it will usually take the ordinary person 30 minutes. Convert the total minutes for each room into hours and tenths of hours per room. Add the totals for each room to arrive at your total hours to clean the entire house.

Talk with your customer briefly, wondering how she can ever find the time to get everything done at home, especially when holding down a full-time job. A little bit of small talk, a quick mental evaluation of the customer's ability to pay, plus your knowledge that you can get everything done in four hours, instead of the six hours it would take most people, and you summarize by saying: