Esther Essense

Esther Essense



The Story Of Queen Esther

Esther, meaning, "star" was a Jewish orphan who God raised up to become a Queen. She was a person of faith, goodness, devotion and courage. "Esther obtained favor in the sight of all them that looked upon her" (Esther 2:15). Because of her devotion and willingness to listen to the voice of God, she was able to prevent the devastation and destruction of her Jewish people. Queen Esther an instrument of God because of her willingness to obey His voice.

This royal recipe in honor of Queen Esther consists of a unique blend of Myrrh, Lilly of the Valley, Pomegranate and 12 other heavenly fruit and floral scented oils. A recipe prayerfully inspired by the Holy Spirit of God going back to the ancient days of the Bible. This anointing oil blend may not be for everyone due to it's uniqueness but, was joyously prepared for "such a time as this"

This royal recipe contains no alcohol or fillers. It consists of pure essential oils which gives it a richer, more long lasting quality. You will be delighted with this wonderful aroma. When only the best will do choose Esther Essense.

Description: 1/2 oz. bottle of Esther Essense with velvet bag and the Story of Queen Esther Scroll.

Price: $15.00


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Queen Esther's Court


Queen Esther's Court - is a powerful method of prayer for prayer groups, churches, or individuals. You can download a zip file that contains a PowerPoint presentation with an explanation of the prayer plan and Excel prayer commitments forms here. Next, open the zip file and click on the PowerPoint or Excel file to open.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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