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What Is The Day Off Diet?

The Day Off Diet is the newest breakthrough in weight loss. It is designed both for very fast weight loss in the short term and also for long term weight loss for those who have larger amounts of weight to lose.

It is so effective because it's formulated to keep the metabolism running on high so that your body is burning fat & not muscle.

What Isn't The Day Off Diet?

  • It is not a low calorie diet.
  • It is not a low fat diet.
  • It is not a low carb diet.

It is very important that The Day Off Diet is not like any of these other less successful diets because it's been shown that none of these old fashioned dieting plans are very effective.

If you've already tried (and failed) to lose weight with one of these plans then you already know that for yourself.

These diets make the mistake of focusing on what you cannot eat instead of focusing on what you can eat.

Fat Burning Foods

The Day Off Diet is based around the foods you should be eating; The "green light" fat burning foods that force your body to burn fat.



You will lose weight fast.

Satisfy cravings while dieting.

Easy to follow diet plan.

No calorie counting.

You'll lose weight & keep it off.


100% guaranteed.

Download online instantly.

Three free bonus guides.

Free report on loose skin.

Free mystery gift.

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