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Recipes For Lip Balm & Gloss

1) Basic Fun Lip Gloss


• Paraffin wax

• Coconut oil

• Petroleum jelly

• Candy melts (to color the gloss and make it taste sweet)

• Oil-based candy flavoring (if you want a special flavor)

• Grater

• Wax paper

• Ziploc bag

Small container (recycle old lip gloss/balm containers or other makeup containers, even 35mm film containers work quite well. Other places to look include stores that carry beads, crafts, or fishing tackle supplies.

2.) Hard Candy Lip Gloss


• 2 Tbsp petroleum jelly

• 1 tsp beeswax

• 2-3 pieces of your favorite hard candy (Jolly Ranchers
work great!)

How To:

In a small pot (or microwave), melt the petroleum jelly,
hard candy and beeswax. Pour into a lip container and cool.

3.) Peppermint Lip Balm


• 2 TBL petroleum jelly

• 1 tsp beeswax

• 10-14 drops peppermint essential oil

How To:

In a small pot, melt the petroleum jelly and then add
the beeswax.

When melted, remove from heat and add peppermint
essential oil. Pour into a lip pot and cool.

30 Free Lip Balm & Gloss Recipes

Beauty Recipe For Sugar Hair Removal

Want smooth legs that last up to 1 month? Try
this recipe for hair removal and save a bundle
on systems that cost a fortune. This recipe costs
about $1.00 to make. Give it a try, it really works.


  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon, lime

  • 1 cup sugar

  • 1/4 cup honey

Mix all ingredients and Put in microwave and cook
stirring occasionally until it has boiled about 2
minutes, stir it and microwave again for about 20
to 30 seconds Let it cool till it is warm and you
can spread a THIN strip onto your skin. Make sure
your skin is clean, so the oils in your skin and hair
don't keep the sugar from sticking.

Dust the area with cornstarch first then using a
small knife with no blade, a plastic putty knife, or
a tongue depressor apply where needed. Put on a
strip of non-stretch cotton like an old shirt or old
sheet. Rub the strip in the direction of hair growth
about three times then pull skin taut and yank it
in the opposite direction of hair growth.

This is a skill, and it does take practice, but it
gets much easier the more you do it. What are
the differences between sugaring and waxing?

Wax adheres to the hair and skin. Sugar paste
adheres only to the hair so there is less discomfort.

Wax is applied either hot or cold (in pre-coated
strips) to the skin. Sugar paste is used at room
temperature or slightly warmed.

Wax often contains chemicals that can be a little
hard on the skin if used repeatedly. Sugar paste
is completely natural and gentle on the skin. Wax
can be messy to clean up due to the petroleum
base. Sugar paste is easily cleaned up with water.

Wax often contains chemicals that can be a little
hard on the skin if used repeatedly. Sugar paste
is completely natural and gentle on the skin. Wax
can bemessy to clean up due to the petroleum
base. Sugar paste is easily cleaned up with water.

Soften and Smooth Your Feet and Hands with this
Deep Conditioning Treatment beauty recipe.

Beauty Recipe For Hands & Feet
Parafin Wax Treatment


3 blocks paraffin wax
3 oz. vegetable oil
20 drops of essential oil
a few drops of olive oil
plastic sandwich bags

Grease a foot tub to pour mixture into. Melt the
paraffin, oil, and the scented oil in a double boiler.
Be sure to use a double boiler for safety purposes.
Very carefully pour the wax into the dish and wait
until a skin has formed on the top of the wax.
When this happens, the temperature should be
about right for submerging your hands and feet.

But before you do, be sure to test the wax for
comfort in case the wax is still a little too warm
for your liking. Testing a little on your wrist
usually works. Get your hands and feet ready by
washing them and then pat them dry with a soft
cotton towel.

Smooth on the olive oil and be sure to cover every
inch of your hands and fingers or feet and toes.
Dip each hand or foot into the wax repeatedly
until you have several layers of wax built up.

Have someone help you put on the sandwich bags
onto each hand or foot and then relax for about
30 minutes. For added benefit, place a bath towel
over your hands or feet while you wait.

Now comes the time to remove the wax... simply
peel it away.

Start at the wrist or ankle area and pull it down.
It should come off in large sections. Give yourself
a little hand and foot massage and you are done.

Beauty Recipes For Your Bath

Give Yourself or a Loved One
a Relaxing Beauty Treatment

Beauty Recipe For
Peppermint Bath Salts In a Jar

Materials and Supplies For
Peppermint Bath Salts:

12 tall jelly (12-ounce) canning jars with lid and rings
2 4-pound cartons Epsom Salts (approximately 16
4 pounds sea salt or Kosher salt (approximately 6
1/2 teaspoon glycerin, divided
12 to 15 drops peppermint essential oil
12 to 15 drops red food color

Beauty Recipe For Peaches N Cream
Baths Salts in a Jar

Materials and Supplies For
Peaches N Cream Bath Salts:

12 tall jelly (12-ounce) canning jars with lid and
2 4-pound cartons Epsom Salts (approximately 16
4 pounds sea salt or Kosher salt (approximately 6
1/2 teaspoon glycerin, divided
12 to 15 drops peach essential oil
12 to 15 drops orange food color
2 pieces cardstock (for tags)

nstructions For Both:

Wash, rinse and dry canning jars. Empty one
carton Epsom Salts into large mixing bowl or
batter bowl.

Add 3 cups sea salt, stir well. Stir in 1/4 teaspoon
of glycerin and 6 to 8 drops of essential oil. Mix
well.In second large mixing bowl, empty one
carton Epsom Salts, and add 3 cups sea salt. Stir
well. Add 1/4 teaspoon glycerin, 6 to 8 drops
essential oil, and food color. Stir until completely
blended. Color should be even.

Tip: use a heavy-duty stand mixer to mix bath
salts easily. Set mixer to lowest setting and mix
until color is even but don't try this with hand
mixers or smaller stand mixers!

Holding canning jars at an angle, layer salts in
jars, alternating white and colored mixtures. Cut
gift tags and attach to jars. Tags may be trimmed
and placed beneath canning jar rings, tied on with
ribbon, or taped to gift jars.

CEO Tip: decorative canning jar lids add presentation
punch for a small price! Try red or green gingham lids
for Candy Cane Bath Salts, while Peach lids add a
designer touch to the Peaches 'n Cream Bath Salts.

You can find decorative canning jar lids in the
canning section of the supermarket for your
beauty recipes.

Makes 12 gift jars.

This beauty recipe makes 12 12-ounce gift jars,
plus a bonus of 3 to 4 cups extra bath salts.
Package them in small plastic zipper craft bags
for easy stocking stuffers!

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem
by Tracie Johansen

1. Give yourself positive, encouraging statements.
Repeat them constantly and your mind will act on
them. Work at feeling good about yourself and
become more self-reliant. YOU are a capable
person! Don't allow those inner voices to convince
you otherwise.

2. Build your confidence by picturing yourself
accomplishing something, you have always wanted
to do. Close your eyes and see every detail of how
you would behave, how you feel about achieving it
and how others respond to it. Now put it into
action and when you achieve it you will feel elated.

3. Keep a journal. Write down your feelings and
thoughts about situations and determine how you
could make them better by looking at them in a
different way. You will learn more about yourself
and how you react to certain situations so you can
stop and turn them around.

4. Be optimistic. When you catch yourself being a
pessimist STOP! Think about all the good points
that can be made about the situation and realize
that any situation can be turned around easily to
a positive one if your willing to try.

5. Establish goals based on what you can
realistically achieve. Take it one step at a time
and encounter any problems as a learning
experience and keep on going until you reach it.
Perfectionism is not necessary and invites stress
and failure. Avoid it!

6. Rely on your own opinions of yourself and not
what others think. Base your life goals on your
values and not those of others. You are the only
person who can say what is right for you!

7. Lighten-up, don't take things so seriously or
personally. Try to see the humor in everything.
Your perspective will completely change if you
look at things from a serious and humorous point
of view.

8. Kick out your inner critic. When you notice you
are having doubts or judging yourself, STOP! Tell
yourself, I can do it! I am a good person and I can
do anything I put my mind to. You have the power
to control your inner critic, don't allow it to control

9. Take at least 30 minutes a day for yourself.
Use it to read, take a walk, meditate or pamper
yourself. You will be better prepared to deal with
problems and find solutions from the time you
spend in solitude.

10. Relax in a chair, close your eyes and remember
the last time you really laughed. Try to get that
same feeling by imagining that its happening right
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