Basket Gift Ideas For All Occasions

Gift Basket Ideas For All Occasions

475 Gift Basket Ideas Ebook

Do you love to make your own gifts for Holiday gift-giving? 475 Gift Basket Ideas Ebook is your perfect Do It Yourself gifting companion!

A store-bought Gift Basket costs an average of $40. And your family and friends may not be entirely satisfied with what they get. With the detailed ideas in this ebook, you will be able to make your own customized gift baskets for your family and friends for as low as $5!! This ebook features tons of gift ideas spread over 105 pages. Included are ideas with detailed instructions and supplies lists for making your own gift baskets for every person on your gift list. Also included are 'Survival Kits' with witty sayings for each item that goes in the kit, ideas for Holiday Poops, Just for Fun gifts, Gift Basket making tips, Candy Gram gifts etc.

You can download the ebook immediately and get started making beautiful handmade gift baskets at home for all your loved ones.

Here's some of what's Inside the E-Book:

Gift Basket Ideas:
(Includes detailed instructions for each gift basket)

* Easter Gift Baskets
* Gift Baskets for Fathers
* Gift Baskets for Mothers
* Kids' Gift Basket ideas
* Christmas Gift Basket Ideas
* Winter Gift Baskets
* New Year's Eve Gift Basket
* Valentine's Day Gift Basket
* Chocolate Lover's Gift Baskets
* Seasonal Gift Basket Ideas
* Gift Basket Ideas for Crafters
* Gift Basket Ideas for Cooks
* Gardener's Gift basket
* Pasta Lover's Gift Basket
* Pizza Lover's Gift Basket
* Wine/Bar themed Gift Baskets
* Tea Lover's Gift Basket
* Gift basket Ideas for Teachers
* Anniversary Gift Basket
* Aquarium Lover's Gift Basket
* Artist's Gift Basket
* Athlete's Gift Basket
* Baby's Gift Basket Ideas
* Bachelor's Gift Basket
* Baker's Gift Basket
* Barbecue Lover's Gift Basket
* Book Lover's Gift Basket
* Bridal Shower Gift Basket
* Candle Lover's Gift Basket
* Coffee Lover's Gift Basket
* Computer Buff Gift Basket Ideas
* Couch Potato Gift Basket
* Dinner and Movie Gift Basket
* Engagement Gift Basket
* Expectant & New Parents' Gift Basket
* Faraway Grandparent Gift Basket
* Fiesta Gift Basket
* Fondue Gift Basket
* Fisherman's Gift Basket
* Golf Lover's Gift Basket
* Gift Basket Ideas for Grandparents
* Health Food Gift basket
* Office/Work themed gift baskets
* Spa Gift Baskets
* Naturalist's Gift basket
* Vegetarian Gift Basket
* and many more!

$9.99 only

Wait! There is more!

This ebook also includes over 100 Survival Kits with detailed tag sayings for each survival kit item!

Survival Kits
(Includes detailed instructions for each gift kit)

* Birthday Survival Kits
* Christmas Survival Kit
* Dieter's Survival Kit
* Father/Mother of the Bride Survival Kit
* Friendship Mugs, Bag & Survival Kits
* Holidays Survival Kit
* Guardian Angel Survival Kit
* Mid-life Crisis Kit
* Menopause Survival Kit
* Survival Kit for Mom To Be
* New Mother's Survival Kit
* Newlyweds Survival Kit
* Pregnancy Survival Kit
* Crafters' Survival Kit Ideas
* Thanksgiving Survival Kit
* Kit Ideas for Teachers
* and many more!

That is not all!

The ebook also includes Poops with detailed instructions!

(Includes detailed instructions)

* Easter Bunny Poop
* St. Patrick's Leprechaun Poop
* Fourth of July Poop
* Holiday Poop
* Halloween Bat/Ghost Poops
* Valentine's Day Cupid Poops
* Christmas Elf/Cow/Mice/Reindeer/Snowman Poops
* Thanksgiving Pumpkin/Turkey Poops
* and many more!

Are you satisfied? Not yet? We have included these unique and fabulous gift ideas in the ebook!


30+ Just for Fun Gift Ideas
Candy Gram Gifts and Packaging Ideas
Gift Basket Package/Container Ideas
Gift Basket Filler Ideas

This is the most comprehensive Do It Yourself gift basket making guide you will ever see! Your friends and family will cherish your gift baskets and will be amazed at your creativity! What are you waiting for?

Start your own gift basket business with these ideas and gift jar recipes!  Click on the 'Buy Now' link to download this treasure trove of ideas!

$9.99 only
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