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Did You Know …..
Many stay at home moms are making a stress-free income while being able to be with their children. They have found the secret of earning money from home running their own Online Travel Agency. YourTravelBiz (YTB) will show you how to become a Referring Travel Agent (RTA).

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Your clients will enjoy real time access and booking capabilities 24/7 from 20 cruise lines, 51,000 hotel properties, 45 car rental companies, 490 airlines as well as a database of over 80,000 special vacation offers. You enjoy the benefits of a fully maintained, content rich web site without the time and additional expense traditionally associated with building, updating and administering a web site. You can achieve financial independence and have more time to spend with your family because we do all the web work, and you get the sales.

You Can Start Earning RTA Commissions Today.
The travel industry is experiencing outstanding growth, including Cruises, All Inclusive Resorts, Honeymoons, Tours and Vacation Packages. You can take advantage of this outstanding growth and start earning big commissions and travel benefits by becoming a FT or PT RTA today.

You Enjoy GREAT Travel Deals, Cruise Discounts and Vacation Specials
You will have access to fantastic vacation packages and cruise deals. This allows you to sell vacation packages and cruises to your friends, co-workers, business owners as well as non-profit organizations like schools and churches, while making sizeable commissions for yourself. All you do refer people to your web site and we do everything else. You can also take what is called Fam Trips to familiarize yourself with the different travel opportunities available. In addition, you will receive huge discounts on these Fam trips and they are a fully tax deductible business expense.

You Will Receive Simple and Easy Travel Agent Training 
No experience is needed. We will teach you how to be a successful travel agent. Our easy to follow E-Training allows you to learn at your own pace. The YTB TravelBiz Toolbox is A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO MAXIMIZING YOUR YTB BUSINESSES. Most new agents can complete the convenient online training in one week. There are no tests or exams to take.  We also have a YTB agent only web site that has additional free YTB travel agent training classes. The More You Learn - The More You Earn. 

Internet Technology Makes This An Easy Home Business. Now the storefront travel agencies are disappearing. They have been almost totally replaced by the new market trend for convenient "click and order" online travel agencies. This allows you and your customers to easily book reservations on the internet from a home computer. Most people have already booked online travel and the Internet booking comfort level is increasing rapidly. You can take advantage of this profitable new trend.  As a member of the YTB Travel Agent Network, you will enjoy Great Commission Income, Fantastic Travel Benefits and an independent lifestyle working right out of your home office.

Travel Is The Internet's Most Searched Word. Travel represents 40 cents of every dollar spent online! Industry experts predict that the existing travel-booking business, while operating at a 59 Million Dollar per hour basis, will DOUBLE to over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS PER HOUR by the year 2010. You have the opportunity to "cash-in" on that growth in a big way. You can get started today. First, download a printable profile for YourTravelBiz . Next, you can view an online presentation for this wonderful home business opportunity and sign up online.
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Travel Recipes - Exchange Your Home & Save on Travel

Did You Know …..
You can have deluxe accommodations while you travel with no cost to you. You want to spend a few months or more somewhere exotic, beautiful, and culturally different, but you don't think you can handle the cost.

What if you could arrange it free? The answer is a home exchange. Exchange your home for a comparable residence in a foreign country. It's free, except for the minimal cost of finding someone who wants to trade.

William G. Thomas and his wife exchanged their home in California for a 500-year-old rectory in
English farm country, a small, austere, Gothic church situated on a knolled horizon. It stood
alongside a moss-covered cemetery and was surrounded by ancient, thick-trunked trees and
ringed by six handsome and rustic English houses.

This tiny English community about 40 miles north of London has a population of 17. The residents are hard-working farmers and the families of three business executives who chose country life
over the rigors of urban living. One of these executives, John Morris, and his wife Mary decided
they wanted to venture for a while beyond their English village. They wanted to see the United

So the two couples arranged a home exchange. The three-week swap was total. The Thomas' and the Morris' exchanged homes, pets, and cars. William and his wife had visited London on several occasions before investigating the idea of a home exchange. They wanted to return to the
London area, but not simply as tourists running hurriedly from site to site. So they wrote to
English friends, applied for home-exchange brochures, and reviewed ads in the London Times.

Their inquiries yielded several alternatives: a house at Wimbledon; an apartment near Kensington
Gardens; and a bedroom in the home of a friend in Whitchurch, Hants. Then the letter came asking if they would be interested in a home exchange with a family living in an old rectory near the ancient town of Hitchin. They jumped at the chance.

The swap was arranged over the telephone. The couples discussed departure times, instructions on how to operate household appliances, trash collection, and what to feed each other's pets. It
took several months to make all of the arrangements.

How to arrange a swap You can begin your search for a home exchange partner by asking around or by placing an advertisement in an international publication, such as International Living, 824 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD 21202, or the International Herald Tribune, 850 Third Ave., 10th Floor, New York, NY 10022; (212) 752-3890.

The alternative is to contact a home exchange organization. These companies publish directories
several times a year listing people interested in trading homes, when they want to travel, and where they would like to go.

Travel Recipes Home Exchange Resources:
You can be at home anywhere in the World!

Dream Vacation For A Dream Price!
Join this Home Exchange Club and Never Pay For a Hotel Room Again! Home Exchange is by far the best way to travel in today's economy. What could be better than getting a home away from
home during your vacation absolutely free. Access 1000's of listings in 55 countries and 6 continents. Then choose your preferred location and accommodations for your best ever vacation. The full membership is just $44.95 per year. Where smart folks spend a little to travel a whole lot more!

In order to view the home exchange listings you must first register your own home. It is free to register. Before you can contact other members and arrange a home exchange it is necessary to upgrade to full membership. The full membership is $9.95 every three months. You are free to cancel your membership at any time. So the only cost for your vacation will be your airfare. Your accommodations are free!

This home exchange allows you to view all the home listings with complete details and contact information for the owner. If you wish to list your home in the exchange listings, there is a $55 fee for a 1 year listing plus a 6 month bonus. There are many very attractive world wide home exchange listings (over 9,000) to choose from.

Register with this home exchange program and your first year of membership is absoultely free! Save thousands of dollars on your next vacation by exchanging your home for another members home. Take a full year to evaluate their exchange service before you pay for the membership. This site is exclusively for vacation homes, no primary homes or time shares.

This home exchange service was featured in a recent movie. "The Holiday" is a romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet who use to change their lives as they trade homes between Los Angeles and England. The membership price is $59.95 per year. and they have over 15,000 listings.

Click here to Find a Housesitter
Click here to Become a Housesitter

Travel Recipes - House Sitting Opens New Doors

What if you could look through an online directory and choose a location you wanted to visit.
Then see pictures of a nice home where you could stay for free for a few weeks or even more.
You can! This travel recipes opportunity is called house sitting. It's easy to get started Just
browse through the house sitting positions in an online directory until you find an area where you would like to visit. Next, register as a house sitter. Moreover there is usually a small yearly fee to be listed in an organization's house sitting directory. You are then allowed to place an ad in their directory for your services as a house sitter and also contact home owners for any house sitting positions currently listed in the directory. House sitting positions range from a few weeks to several months. So you can apply for the position that best fits your needs. The following article will give you a glimpse into the life of a house sitter.


House Sitters Love Their Life
Copyright © 2005, Ian White

There does not seem to be a lack of home owners who seek out the services of a house sitter. Our modern age has drastically changed the lifestyle of many. With business travel, military assignments and even some families owning more than one home, house sitters never have to fear being without a place to lay their head at night. There are house sitters who never call one
place home, while others only seek short house sitting assignments a few times per year. Whatever their lifestyles, house sitters usually find a home owner who can meet their needs.

Retirees are particularly fond of house sitting. Many of them make radical changes in their lifestyles when they realize they are not obligated to stay in one area. Retirees have been known
to pack up a suitcase and catch the next plane to Mexico, Australia, or wherever the home owner sounds the call from. Many seniors find the change of environment invigorating after years of the monotonous drudgery of employment. Other seniors prefer to take only a few short assignments each year. This gives them the opportunity to visit new areas while still maintaining their home base.

Freelance photographers and writers are also finding the house sitting lifestyle beneficial. Writers who are creating the next best selling novel--or doing research on a particular part of the world--can house sit for a home owner in that area and experience first hand the life, culture and history of a given spot. The same is true for photographers. Many photographs travel and are in need of a place to stay. When they are matched with a home owner who needs a sitter, the photographer can tell the hotel room good-bye.

Families are also realizing that house sitting gives them a chance to vacation in parts of the world which would be out of the question for them otherwise. There are many home owners who welcome families. Home owners who also need the sitter to care for pets can be assured their pets will get adequate attention and exercise when children are in the equation.

There are some house sitters who are unsure about where they want to put down their roots. Recent military people who have lived in various bases for years may want to house sit in different parts of the world for a while before they decide which area would suit them for a permanent residence.

Students are also house sitters. By being a house sitter, this cuts down on their living expenses. This also assures the student of a quiet place to concentrate on studies--away from the distraction of a college campus.

Most house sitters register with a house sitter directory. For a small fee, their information is available to home owners who are in need of a house sitter. Here house sitters can post their
information, such as which areas they are available to house sit in, the length of assignments they are available for, what skills they have which can benefit the home owner, and so on.

Besides having the opportunity to see the world, house sitters benefit because they are not charged rent. In exchange for room and board, the house sitter maintains the home owner’s property and does regular duties for the home owner while they are away. These duties can include lawn maintenance, cleaning a pool, taking care of pets, and more. The needs of the
owner will be clearly outlined in a house sitting contract.

Being free from rent or a mortgage payment is allowing many house sitters the chance to save their money. Some house sitters have big goals and house sitting gives them the opportunity to achieve them. Whether its starting a small business, saving for a down payment on a home, or paying their way through college, houses sitting is paying off for the sitter.

House sitters are mature and responsible. They know the home owner is leaving their possessions and mementos in their capable hands. If a problem arises, house sitters are quick to rise to the challenge. If a pipe leaks, or a tree falls in the yard because of a storm, a house sitter is on the job and willing to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. House sitters are also aware that while they may be living in someone’s home, it is not their property. House sitter guidelines usually do not allow for parties or over night guests.

Many house sitters are invited for repeat stays. When a home to come back when the need arises for them to travel, again. Many home owners and sitters are finding they are forging friendships with each other and they keep up with each others life away from the house sitting arrangement.

Occasionally house sitters will be asked to do more than just maintain the property of the home owner or care for the pets. For instance, some home owners may own rental properties in the
area and ask for the sitter to be on hand for rent payments. Other home owners may live on a farm. House sitters have been known to feed the chickens or horses. Most house sitters love the diversity of these tasks, and welcome the experience. Each home owner is different and house sitters love exploring all aspects of a new assignment.

If you are interested in becoming a house sitter, you can register with a house sitter directory. You don’t have to be a year-round or full time house sitter, either. There are many home
owners who are constantly seeking sitters for short stays, such as a week or two. These home owners may simply want to go on a vacation themselves and need someone to watch over their things.

If you would like the chance to see the world for a few weeks--or for months on end--you should seriously consider house sitting. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Writer's Resource Box:

Author Ian White is founder of
House Sitting Directory. Visit Housecarers House sitting
directory today Registration is free for homeowners
(and they'll never have to rely on cousin Eddie again.)


Travel Recipes - Air Courier

Did You Know …..

…..  that you can fly anywhere in the world you like, at huge discounts on normal fares, sometimes FREE of Charge, simply by working as a courier for one of hundreds of companies needing people to accompany their packages abroad? 

Go to New York, Australia, Hong Kong, Hawaii and more.  Did you know that international corporations will pay for you to fly to Zurich...or Paris...or Rome? All you have to do in return is agree to carry time-sensitive business cargo (it could be files or computer discs, for example) to your destination. You may never have to touch, let alone actually carry, the bags. Representatives of the firm that has hired you will take care of all the dirty work. All you have to do is check the cargo as your luggage.

Go anywhere you like, in fact. Courier companies worldwide are desperate for people like you to help them maintain their reputation for speedy, reliable delivery of products and packages to all corners of the world. Traveling as an air courier is perfectly legal. Thousands of travelers do it every year. As an air courier, you fly like any other passenger on the plane, enjoying the same comforts and amenities. There are only two differences. First, you don't have any checked luggage (just your carry-on bags). And second, you don't pay full fare for your ticket. In fact, you may not pay anything at all. But more than that, there is something exciting, even romantic about traveling as an air courier. You can be called up for duty with little more than a day or two notice -- like a foreign correspondent or an international spy. What an adventure, to receive a telephone call asking if you can leave for the Far East in 24 hours...or if you're interested in flying to London in the morning.

Whatever your age, whatever your status, no matter where you live, there's every chance for you to travel abroad free of charge (or at uniquely low cost) several times a year, or even spend the majority of your time traveling to exciting locations, and even earn a living as you go!  Of course, it can be much less spontaneous, if you prefer. Some courier services allow you to make reservations weeks or months in advance.

How come you haven't heard of this fantastic opportunity before?  Could it be because the opportunity is so good, so easily available, that until now the existence of free air courier travel has been a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of lucky travelers?  Or perhaps you've thought it was just too good to be true  …..  so  ….. it must be a scam!  Not so, it's very much above board and now the secret is open to you.

So exactly how do you reach out for your share of free and next-to-nothing travel to anywhere you'd like to go?  What can you do when you get there  …..  and how can you generate some useful spending money or even make a full-time living from your travels? 

Making the connection You want to fly to Sydney, Australia, and then take off for a grand adventure Down Under...exploring Queensland's rain forest...sailing the Great Barrier
Reef...maybe traveling northwest from Sydney to Mudgee, a little, undiscovered town cradled in the Cudgegong Valley on the western side of the Great Dividing Range, where you can visit stud and sheep ranches, go prospecting for gold, and marvel at Frog Rock (a huge sedimentary amphibian that crouches beside the road)..

But the cheapest round-trip ticket to Sydney you've been able to find costs US$1,500 -- considerably more than your pocketbook can afford. Don't give up on your trip. Pick up the phone and call a courier service. Explain where you want to travel and when and ask if the service has any packages going to that destination at that time. Most services require that you call not more than 60 days in advance of your trip.

If it is your first time looking for work as a courier, it might be better to make the initial contact by letter rather than telephone. Tell the service a little about yourself, include a resume, and assure them that you are flexible, available, eager to travel, and accustomed to packing light (remember, you'll only be allowed your carry-on luggage). Then follow up on this letter with a phone call, requesting a specific assignment.

But before you accept an assignment, verify the terms of the arrangement. Some services no longer offer free tickets to their couriers; some offer only deeply discounted tickets. In fact, as the occupation becomes more popular, it is becoming harder and harder for couriers to travel free.

Years ago, courier services not only provided couriers with free airfare to their destination, but they paid them a fee as well. Today, this is unheard of. It is still possible to get free airfare, though,
but you may have to shop around. And you probably will have to settle for a last-minute booking. Even if you can't get your ticket for free, you will be able to get it for about 70% less than you could buy it anywhere else.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can bargain for a fare. If you're interested in flying in
two months to Buenos Aires, you may not be able to find a free ticket. (Remember, free tickets are usually associated with last-minute bookings.) But neither do you have to settle for the first fare quoted you. Haggle. Bide your time. The closer it gets to the date of departure, the more eager the courier service will be to make a deal.

The only red tape involved is an application form that the courier service will ask you to fill out. Some services also charge minimal annual registration fees. For your part, the work involved is minimal. Always check in the day before you are scheduled to depart to make sure the time or the flight or the carrier has not been changed. This is not a formality; it is a safeguard. It is not unusual. In fact, it is common for courier flights and times to be changed at the last minute.

Finding a service To find a courier service, you could simply open your local yellow pages, look under "Air Courier Services," and then call each firm listed to see if they use free-lance couriers and if they provide free tickets or only discounted tickets. But you'll probably be disappointed. The services that advertise in the yellow pages rarely use free-lance couriers and never give free tickets.

A better way to start is to contact Now Voyager, 74 Varick St., Room 307, New York, NY 10013; (212)431- 1616, a large courier service that deals with a lot of different freight companies and uses a lot of free- lance couriers. Call between 6 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. to hear a tape recording detailing all available flights and prices; call in the afternoon to book flights.

Other courier services that use free-lance couriers and that sometimes offer free tickets to their
couriers include:

Airhitch, 2790 Broadway, Suite 100, New York, NY 10025; (212)864-2000

Courier Network, 295 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10001; (212)691-9860

Halbart Express, 147-05 176th St., Jamaica, NY 11434; (718)656-8279 or (718)656-8189

International Courier Travel, 5757 W. Century Blvd., Suite 700-26, Los Angeles, CA 90045; (505)758- 7911

TNT-Skypak, 38 E. 29th St., New York, NY 10003; (212)532- 5777

World Courier, 137-42 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11434; (718)978-9552 or (718)978-9400

Courier Travel Services Ltd., 346 Fulham Road, London SW10 9UH, United Kingdom; tel. 71-351-0300.

Polo Express Services Ltd. (a subsidiary of British Airways) 2 Fitzharding Street, London W1H 9

PN, United Kingdom; tel. 81-759-5383 Air Facility, Esmeralda 634, 4oB, Buenos Aires, Argentina; tel. (54-1) 322-7720.

Jupiter Air Ltd., Ground Floor, Block 2, Tien Chu Centre, 1 E Mokcheong St., Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong; tel. (852) 761-1303, fax (852) 761-1029.

Jupiter Air Oceania Ltd., Unit 4 154-166 O'Riordan St., Mascot, NSW 2020, Australia; tel. (61-2) 317-2113; fax (61-2) 317-2238.

Jet Services Roissy, Batiment 3416, Module 700, Route du Midi, 95707 Roissey, France; tel. (33-14) 862- 6222, fax (33-14) 862-6246.

Discount Travel International, 169 W. 81st Street, New York, NY 10024; tel. (212) 362-8113, fax (212) 362-3236.

Way to Go, 6679 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028 USA; tel. (213) 466-1126, fax (213) 466-8994.

Do not be concerned that most of these addresses are in the United States. Although most companies are headquartered there, they operate worldwide, and may also refer you to local offices that they do not publicize.

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