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Skinny Recipes, Issue #001 -- Change Your Body Change Your Life
March 01, 2008
Dear Skinny Recipes Subscriber,


Introducing an exciting new product line from IT Works! The products include convenient home body wrap kits to help you loose inches fast as well as a complete line of nutritional supplements for weight loss, health and beauty.


Success Stories From It Works!


Teresa, Texas

The proof is in the pictures! My story starts with a continuing education course that I was taking with It Works! Distributor Linda Wilson. Linda introduced me to the It Works! New You Challenge. I took my information home and was very excited. I learned over the next few months that if I wanted to be serious about what I was doing, I needed to make some lifestyle changes including following Dr. Don's 10 Health and Exercise Steps.

As for the products, I started with the Defining Gel...Let me tell you I LOVE the defining gel. I started to see changes within two weeks! Then, I changed my diet by adding the It's-Vital. I am now using the It Works-Regular and Fat Fighter on a daily basis and the Applicators are working for me now too! They work better now that I am 60 lbs. less* and 27 inches smaller. I went from a size 18 to a size 8 in eight months and my skin is beautiful too!

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Thank you very much.

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All the best,
Barbara Sloben

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