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Welcome to our web site!

The goal of this web site is to offer ideas to help you find success in all areas of life and a place for others to share what has worked for them.

Many years ago after the break up of my marriage I was left with 4 small children to raise on my own. This was a very difficult task.

Learning how to manage my time and money were critical factors during this time. My health and well being were also major issues during a time of great stress.

Whether you are married or single most of us appreciate learning how to make the most of our time, money, health, and well being.

  • Beauty Recipes
    Learn how to look your best with low cost beauty recipes you can make at home. Receive a free beauty tips newsletter with skin care recipes, weightloss tips and more!.

  • Gift Recipes
    Discover how to create great home- made gifts like sented bath salts, gift mixes in a jar and many other trully special creations that show how much you care.

  • Home Cooking Recipes

  • Skinny Recipes

  • Sentsational Recipes

  • Home Business Recipes
    Don't have a home business? Check
    out our Home Business Recipes page
    for ideas on how you can start your
    own business on a shoestring budget.
    We are constantly researching new
    ideas for starting your own profitable
    home business that will benefit our

  • Home Business Spotlight

    Our Home Business Spotlight Offers Free Coverage For Your Business

    Each month our web site would like to feature a story about a successful home business. Please submit your story by email to:

  • Guidelines:

    1. Include a brief summary of your home business and describe how your product or service can benefit others.

    2. Briefly describe obstacles you faced and how you overcame them that may encourage others.

    3. Explain how your business may offer an opportunity for others to start their own business. For example do you offer a franchise or an affiliate program?

    4. Try to limit your story to 300 words or less.

  • Recipes for Web Success
    What's the recipe for web success?
    No secret ingredients here, just
    thoughtful instructions
    on how to
    create your own profitable web site.

  • Contact Us
    Tell us what you think. We want to make sure we are serving the needs of our customers.

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