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Healthy Coffee Recipes
Healthy Coffee Milkshake
  2 packets of your favorite Healthy Coffee
  2 scoops coffee flavored ice cream.
  1 cup milk.
  2 tablespoons of malt mix. (optional)
  Whipped cream. (optional garnish) 
  Add all ingredients to blender. Blend & serve
Iced Healthy Coffee
  2 packets of your favorite Healthy Coffee .
  Mix both packets in half a coffee cup of hot water. 
  Fill a standard drinking glass half full with ice.
  Pour mixture from cup into glass.
  Top off glass with cold water and stir.
  Add milk or sugar to taste.

Featured Healthy Coffee

Ganoderma Mocha Coffee

Ganoderma Hot Chocolate


Health Coffee Business Pack Introductory Sampler

Healthy Coffee Newspaper

Ganoderma Mocha ™ (Sugar Free) MOCHA COFFEE
The rich flavor of chocolate combined with our premium Brazilian Coffee, Ganoderma, Chicory, Guarana and nature's own low-calorie sweetener (Xylitol-C), Coconut based nondairy creamer. A True Healthy Mocha Coffee.

Ganoderma Mocha:
Serving Size Per Packet: 30 grams
Packets Per Box: 20

Ganoderma Hot Chocolate
Creamy Smooth Healthy Hot Chocolate – Everybody loves it.

Ingredients: Ganoderma Extract, Cocoa, Refined Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer

Ganoderma Hot Chocolate:
Serving Size Per Packet: 30 grams
Packets Per Box: 30

Healthy Coffee Business Pack Introductory Sampler

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  1. Classic Black Coffee with the King of Herbs
  2. Weight Loss Coffee with Hoodia and Ganoderma
  3. Delicious Cream & Sugar Coffee with Ganoderma Lucidium
  4. All Natural Mocha Coffee with Xylitol and Coconut Cream
  5. Creamy Smooth Healthy Hot Chocolate – Everybody loves it
  6. Tongkat Ali Coffee for Energy, Stamina, Libido
  7. Six Assorted Healthy Chinese Herbal Teas
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Scientific studies have proven that coffee, consumed moderately does not bring about any adverse effects to the health. Instead, it can reduce risks from certain diseases.


Ganoderma (Lingzhi) - A Magical Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years Ganoderma Lucidum a kind of medicinal fungi has been highly regarded by the Chinese as the miraculous king of herbs. Ganoderma is able to improve the body’s healing ability, a maintain a healthy and promote longevity.

Details are described in traditional Chinese Medical books, such as “Sheng-Nung Herbal mysterious veils for more than a thousand years; has been known for its effectiveness in keeping one young and give one long life if taken continuously but no one had ever investigated its true function scientifically.

Under the attentive research done by both Chinese and foreign scholars in recent years,

And the cooperative analysis and clinical experiments done by hospitals, colleges and pharmaceutical manufacturers, its extensive efficacy has finally been discovered. It is hemochatarsis, detoxifies, diuretic, liver protector, intestine regulator, cardio tonic, blood pressure adjuster, a cold tonic, anti-tussis and expectorant, a tranquilizer and anti-tumor drug.


Most ailments and chronic diseases are caused by the imbalance of bodily functions due to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Ganoderma has the ability of giving us a medical check-up and find any hidden diseases

In the body. It will then remove the toxins and enable the body to become the best doctor

To treat a wide spectrum of diseases with the natural immune system.

Ganoderma’s basic functions are to cleanse the blood; remove toxins; boost the function of kidney; protect the liver; strengthen the heart; and cleanse the colon. It also acts as a relaxant with anti-cancer properties.

Ganoderma has more than 200 active elements which can be divided into three categories with ratio of 30% water soluble elements, 65% organic soluble elements, and 5% volatile elements


Polysaccharide Dan Organic Germanium improves the natural healing ability of the body and establishes a strong immune system. They have anti-tumor properties – preventing the degeneration of internal organs and strengthening tissue cells. Increase oxygen in the blood system and discharge dead cells and water-soluble toxins.

Adenosine helps to suppress the formation of blood clots and improves the blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and reduces fats, improves the function of the cortex of the adrenal glands to maintain the Ph balance of the blood.

Triterpenoids strengthen the digestive system & prevents allergies caused by antigens. Reduces cholesterol and activates the nucleus of the body cells.

Ganoderic Essence rejuvenates the body tissue, preserves the body functions and maintains youthfulness, overcomes skin disease and beautifies the skin. It is also effective for external use such as wounds, ulcer of the mouth and stop bleeding.


The effects of Ganoderma on the body have to go through five stages:

1. Scanning (1-30 days

Ganoderma helps to detect hidden diseases and toxins in the body and proceed to regulate the body functions. During this process, the body will show symptoms- known as ‘ailments reflection’. This reaction is not a side effect, but to help us identify the ailing area. This is scanning effect of Ganodenma.

2. Cleansing – Detoxification (1-30 weeks)

Ganoderma is known as ‘King of toxin removers’ for its power to remove excessive uric acid, lactic acid, excess cholesterol, fat deposit, dead tissue and toxins accumulated in the body. Toxins are discharged through the circulation system – (kidney and liver) by urination and stool, through perspiration, boils, rashes, phlegm, and mucus.

3. Regulating (1-12 months)

During the restoring process, many reactions can be observed. Do not be alarmed, this is the sign of the body healing itself. If the reaction is too strong, reduce the dosage.

4. Building- Recovery (6-24 months)

Ganoderma will continue to repair the affected body parts, and strengthen the immune system to be more resistant to diseases. It also supplies the essential elements and vitamins for speedy recovery.

5. Rejuvenating (1-3 years)

The ultimate aim of consuming Ganoderma is to maintain the body functions at its optimum level and restore youthfulness.

"Making Lives Better One Cup At A Time"

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